Open!EDIT is an full-screen online message editor designed
          to allow system operators and  users to quickly and easily
          post  messages via a BBS  or offline mail  reader.  Just a
          few of Open!EDIT's many features include:
          Text-editor style editing keys, for familiarity
          Full quoting and quote text reformatting
          Taglines + IntelliTag topic-related tagline searching
          Full individual configurations for each user
          Message text spellchecker and 45,000+ word dictionary
          Personal spellchecker dictionaries for each user
          Designed to allow easy translation to other languages
          Highly configurable message censoring features
          Key-phrase text expansions allowed, for ease of use
          Color schemes are 100% operator and user configurable
          Per-user-per-group lockouts supported if necessary
          Compatible with most offline readers (BlueWave, etc.)
          Many message area-sensitive features
         Open!EDIT is freeware.
 The system  requirements for Open!EDIT have been kept to a
  minimum to  ensure compatibility  with a  wide variety  of
  systems.  The following, however, is required:

  An IBM XT/AT/386/486/Pentium/P6+ or compatible
  A FOSSIL communications driver (BNU, X00 or compatible)
  DOS 3.0+, DESQview, OS/2, Windows
  DOOR.SYS or DORINFOx.DEF (produced by the BBS program)
  300k-1MB on the hard disk (depending on tagline and
  dictionary file sizes)
  Please note that Open!EDIT is not supported for Windows
  versions higher than Windows XP.

  Open!EDIT,  being a full screen  message editor,  also re-
  quires that the user's  terminal supports ANSI graphics to

          Open!EDIT has been  designed to be fully compatible with a
          wide variety of BBS  systems.  As long as they produce the
          standard MSGTMP and DORINFO1.DEF/DOOR.SYS files, Open!EDIT
          should interface with them correctly.




Download the newest version of Open!EDIT v0.99k.
Updated: April 11, 2011