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ANSI4BTS.ZIP 17227 Sep-03-2007 Alternative Java aplet to display
ANSI files in a web browser.
Online only. Used on Tiny's BBS for
the door scores.
BOS224D7.ZIP 684134 Jun-05-2007 Xitami web server for OS/2
FTPSER~1.ZIP 666280 May-14-2007 FtpServer: an FTP daemon for OS/2.
Lets you control which drives and
directories the users are allowed to
see. Also has controls on which IP
addresses a client is allowed to
connect from.
ISS1701.ZIP 531660 Jun-09-2007 InterSquish NNTP Server for Windows 1.5.5
NNTP-Server/gate for distribute a fidonet
echos from Squish or JAM bases.
Posting, full netmail gate support.
Freeware version.
JETTI2.ZIP 5770827 Aug-02-2007 Jetti/2 - The best jabber client for
any Operating system that can run
Java applications. MSN, ICQ, Yahoo,
etc. etc. etc.
Freeware - download now and join the
Jabber revolution!
LYNXOS27.ZIP 362242 Jul-06-2007 Lynx/2 is a fully-featured
World Wide Web (WWW) client
for OS/2 text mode sessions.
NG034.ZIP 88243 May-14-2007 nGate allows you two-way posting between an nntp news server and a Squish or
*.MSG message base. Freeware for OS/2.
NR20B18L.RAR 118065 Feb-16-2019 No Description Available
NR20B18W.RAR 458085 Feb-16-2019 No Description Available
PISYNCTM.ZIP 2201140 Aug-01-2017 +-------------------------------------+ SyncTERM for Raspberry Pi
Will start with no data, saving to your home .syncterm directory.
Normally goes in the Internet menu compiled for /usr/local/bin
PNEWS266.ZIP 492853 Oct-03-2009 Pnews - A WEb based NNTP client written in PHP.
Use this to allow web users access to NNTP server.
Great for web forum's!s
SLRN098.ZIP 1165121 Jun-22-2007 slrn is a text mode newsreader that works bothonline and offline, is fully
configurable, supports scoring and much more.OS/2 and EMX 0.9d runtime library

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