Tiny's BBS
Copyright CenturyP Software. v3.00

File Area (00008) : Maximus BBS

!TFDCL10.ZIP 75771 Feb-13-2003 컴컴 FREEWARE BY TREEFROG SOFT! 컴컴
TFDCALL 1.0 is the MOST configurable
today's callers utility ever for
Maximus v2.xx! Easily design YOUR
OWN output files using MECCA tokens
and 24 TFD tokens with MANY options!
Decide which styles will be shown
each day in advance! Includes files
to support different languages,
has separate instructions for
single and multi-node installations!
130TUNES.ZIP 11218 Nov-30-2007 130 Page tunes for Maximus BBS
(tunes.bbs file)
1AUTOMX1.ZIP 4918 Jun-05-2007 1AUTO- Automessage System 4 Maximus
Users can view the Automessage or
leave one they write while online.
This is entirely in MECCA, and is
free! No configs, just make a dir
off of MAX\ called Auto, and your
all set! Complete doc's with the
instructions on how to put just
the Automessage its'self in your
login sequence without it looking
like a seperate program! Maximus
v3.00+ required, and not tested
with earlier versions of Max. Works
AFILE340.ZIP 46865 Nov-30-2007 ALLFILE v3.40 Freeware
ALLFILE is a Master files genertor for BBS's that use the FILES.BBS
format for storing file names and descriptions. The configuration will
allow you to produce a Master List and/or a New files listing for the
area(s) defined in a configuration file.
ALF30WB.ZIP 93018 May-11-2007 ALF v3.0wb - Add Local File to Maximus.
Complete file manager for Maximus v3.x.
Import can run vircheck.bat, prompt for
description or display entry in Maximus
and run editor. 2xhurl has auto 2nd hurl
30 days later! Wildcards, file tagger for
Hurl/Kill. Sort FILES.BBS or run FB in
current/ all areas. Touch, count, add
missing, backup, more! EVERYTHING works
from REMOTE. Install and online help.
ASELECT.ZIP 19159 May-17-2007 ASELECT v0.2 beta by Brian C. Lane
This is a full screen file and
message area selector program
written in MEX for use with Maximus
BBS v3.xx
BAGNA101.ZIP 14012 Feb-13-2003 Bag Nabber v1.01 A MEX game for Maximus 3.1+
Easy to compile, sysop-configurable. Deadly
guard chases you around while you try to
steal stuff. NEW: top 10 scores display.
Inspired by "Jewel Thief" but more
action-oriented. FREEWARE
BASEMENT.ZIP 321397 May-11-2007 No description!
BBS2WEB.ZIP 195823 May-11-2007 Bbs2Web Version 1.10 -
HTML Page Generator
for OS/2 Maximus BBS systems.
Place your complete BBS file
base on the internet for easy
Web Browser access.
BBSL10.ZIP 7132 Feb-13-2003 갚쾆he Maximus BBS Data Base껑
Simple and small, written in
輻FREEWARE from HermitWare霜
BBSLISTR.ZIP 106552 Dec-05-2007 No description!
BDAYMAX1.ZIP 26502 Dec-05-2007 Birthday program for Maximus with Age
and Security Checking options. Result
triggers SysOp-definable KEY and PRIV
level settings. Birthday Bulletin can
be created daily. Requires GET.EXE and
FDATE.EXE. Now supports 4-word names.
BW320MAX.ZIP 635940 May-11-2007 Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/Maximus v3.20.
Enhance your current Maximus BBS with the
world's most popular and easy to use offline
mail door! This archive contains both DOS
and OS/2 program files.
Features include internal protocols, flexible
message packing options, SysOp-controlled
limits and restrictions, NEWFILES list
generator, Fido to Internet E-mail gateway
capabilities, full integration with BBS
security features, more. Installs easily in
minutes! (Maximus v3.00 or later required.)
CAS1B0.ZIP 67902 May-11-2007 Casino At The End Of Time v1.0 (beta)
A collection of MECCA time gambling
games in one convenient package.
CEXYZ100.ZIP 57668 May-11-2007 A FreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol
driver from the author of The Blue Wave
Offline Mail System. Protocols include
Zmodem, 8K Zmodem (ZedZap), Ymodem,
Ymodem-G, Ymodem-1K, Xmodem CRC and
Xmodem-Checksum. Includes sample files
for installation into Maximus BBS's.
Can be installed into ANY BBS that is
able to utilize external protocols,
including Blue Wave Mail Doors. FOSSIL
communications mode, or direct mode!
Fully windowed/graphical interface.
CHECK.ZIP 3200 May-11-2007 No description!
CNTMX100.ZIP 69224 Dec-05-2007 CNet 1.00 for Maximus! CNet is a QWK/REP
importer/exporter allowing Maximus SysOps
to participate in national QWK networks.
Includes special offer on registration!!!!
CONFIG.DAT 26 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
CPYB2100.ZIP 37971 Jun-08-2007 CopyBbs 1.00 OS/2
To Copy/Move files with FILES.BBS
Uses the .LONGNAME EA to preserve long
names on FAT.
CRAW1A6.ZIP 12513 May-11-2007 CRAWLY v1.0 (alpha 6) MEX program to
display from your custom MECCA menu
screens a randomly selected crawling
CTF113.ZIP 18899 May-11-2007 MEX replacement for the 'File titles,
hurl & kill' commands on file menu. Lets
users tag files by number, range tagging
string searching, Hurl & Kill commands
extended to hurl/kill tagged files.
CURSTAG.ZIP 14231 May-11-2007 Mods of the mods by Michael Nix of Werner
Schlaqnitweit's F_titles.mex cursor file
tagging for Maximus 3.0..By James Williams
1:115/881.0 312-881-1142.
CUSER161.ZIP 56764 May-11-2007 CoolUser V1.61 for
Maximus. Online user
setup program that
allows your users to
view and change their
BBS setup. Can change
the colours and
language, plus
options. (MEX)
CUTIL100.ZIP 11424 May-11-2007 CoolUtils V1.00 - *
Download(Replaces maximus
download option plus
extra features), UserList
(Show userlist).(MEX)
DATEMINS.ZIP 5421 Nov-18-1997 DateMins is a MEX script for Maximus
3.x that allows users to switch their
own accounts between expdate and
expmins according to a preset ratio,
with security features to avoid abuse.
DLS100.ZIP 37966 Dec-05-2007 DLS 1.00 - Allows users to SAVE the
tagged file list for later retrieval!
(c)Copyright PSiCHoSoFT 1997
Download List Saver will be useful for
BBS's with huge filebases. Allows users
to save their tagged files for another
days download!
Watch out for MORE PSiCHoSoFT MEX's coming
DMBBS12.ZIP 44456 Dec-04-2007 Damebbs v1.2 - Damebbs extracts file_id.diz files
from archives and makes a listabbs.txt file in Maximus
files.bbs format (filename and description in one line).
NEW: It reads readme.txt or readme.doc if file_id.diz
doesn't exist. Freeware. Quick Basic source code included.
DONATEV1.ZIP 9014 Nov-30-2007 The Donations Encourager is a program designed
to assist SysOps in getting donations from
their users.
DOORMAX2.ZIP 31470 May-11-2007 DOORMAX2.ZIP * Version 2.0
One SysOp's approach to
running DOS doors with
Maximus/2. Includes
sample dropfiles, batch
files, and a list of doors
that do work using these
DOWNLOG.ZIP 54562 Nov-30-2007 DOWNLOG 1.0 by Mike Perry/PCS;
A utility to parse Maximus log files and
mailer log files and update FILES.BBS
listings to show how many times each
file has been downloaded, and also
generate "top downloads" lists and
more! A must for any Sysop.
DWNSRS59.ZIP 108303 Dec-05-2007 Downsort for Maximus
Source code. (C)
FBROW134.ZIP 27488 May-11-2007 FileBrowser v1.34 - This is a filelister
for use with Maximus 3.01. Mex program.
It allows the user to browse a filelist
and tag files with the arrow keys.
This version includes download,upload
and change protocol from inside the
program as well as improved filelisting,
also it takes into account the user's
screen length.
FD2MAX2.ZIP 17084 Feb-13-2003 FD2MAX2 version 1.00 - a small program
that acts as a bridge between a DOS
mailer and an OS/2 BBS program.
It was written with Frontdoor and
Maximus/2 in mind, but may work with
other combinations. [Emailware]
FDOMORE.ZIP 4448 Feb-13-2003 FileDoMore [MEX] - Max v3 - A MEX that
will will stop the files listings from
scrolling away, and will allow the user
to tag files at the end of the list.
FEBB196B.ZIP 459392 May-17-2007 No description! Andypoo's FileArea.Ctl Editor For Maximus
2.xx & 3.xx Version 5.01 6/9/95
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-his utility makes it-+easier for *A
FILEAD51.ZIP 47158 Dec-05-2007 +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+
Andypoo's FileArea.Ctl Editor For Maximus 2.xx & 3.xx
Version 5.01 6/9/95 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-his utility
makes it-+easier for *ANYONE*+---o add file areas!!-+-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+
FILEDOOR.ZIP 8255 May-11-2007 No description!
FLM140.ZIP 131486 May-17-2007 FLM 1.40 OS/2
File List Manager for Maximus 3.xx,
very flexible way of compiling
many different lists at a time.
Internal file base support
(no need for FB).
FLMD140.ZIP 186565 May-17-2007 FLM 1.40 DOS/32
File List Manager for Maximus 3.xx,
very flexible way of compiling
many different lists at a time.
Internal file base support
(no need for FB).
FLMW140.ZIP 153533 May-17-2007 FLM 1.40 NT
File List Manager for Maximus 3.xx,
very flexible way of compiling
many different lists at a time.
Internal file base support
(no need for FB).
FLSBBP08.ZIP 53880 May-17-2007 This file contains files.bbs sort and
update programs useful for Maximus.
OS/2 versions
FLSBBP10.ZIP 57409 Jun-05-2007 This file contains files.bbs create,
update, and sort programs useful for
Maximus. Free from NutHouse Software.
OS/2 versions
FMS1110.ZIP 115685 May-11-2007 No description!
FMTAG10.ZIP 11587 Dec-05-2007 No description!
GDESC082.ZIP 19020 Dec-05-2007 GETDESC Maximus files.bbs --> 4DOS descript.ion utility, ver. 0.82/b
GRF4MX14.ZIP 4072 Dec-05-2007 GRAF4MAX v1.4. Maximus 3.x Grafitti Wall.
HELPBULL.ZIP 13283 May-11-2007 No description!
HTMSTAT1.ZIP 32654 May-17-2007 No description!
ICEEDIT.ZIP 4270 May-11-2007 IceEdit Setup [TEXT] - Max v3 -
Instructions on how to setup IceEdit
v1.40/1.60 with Maximus v3
IDRV15B1.ZIP 34912 Dec-05-2007 IEMSI-Driver 0.151
IEMSI-Driver for Maximus 2.01wb
IEMSI002.ZIP 28965 Dec-05-2007 Documentation for the Interactive Electronic Mail Standard Identification
(IEMSI) "include" file (January 1996 Release) for Maximus 3.
INSP110D.ZIP 352829 Dec-05-2007 InspectA is a combined File, Archive and FidoNet mail manager
DOS Version
INSP110P.ZIP 347178 Dec-05-2007 InspectA is a combined File, Archive and FidoNet mail manager
OS/2 Version
IPC.ZIP 18435 Aug-15-2007 IPC is a uiltity for use with
Maximus/2 2.0 and 32-bit IBM
OS/2 2.x. It can be used to change
the status string in the Maximus
IPC file to reflect something
IPCEN26.ZIP 35278 Dec-05-2007 IPC Enhanced: Maximus BBS IPC Editor
Allows you to manipulate IPC files in
a variety of ways. Edit them wholly or
partially, send messages to any node,
see who is currently online. DESQview
aware. For DOS. Works with Max 2.x and
3.x . Written by Nev Varghese
ISS1701.ZIP 531712 Dec-05-2007 InterSquish NNTP Server for Windows 1.5.5
NNTP-Server/gate for distribute a fidonet
echos from Squish or JAM bases.
Posting, full netmail gate support.
Freeware version.
(c) Ivan Uskov 2:5055/114@fidonet
(C) Fyodor Ustinov 2:5020/79
KMC_222E.ZIP 137668 May-11-2007 No description!
KP2MN11.ZIP 41867 Aug-21-1996 KP/2 MaxNews V1.1 - A newsmaker for OS/2
that creates a MECCA (.MEC) file to be
displayed using either Maximus, or
L2EXT200.ZIP 17880 Dec-05-2007 Lst2Exit provides a link between Maximus-CBCS v2.x and external
doors written for Remote Access BBS systems.
LAST7_01.ZIP 7699 May-11-2007 No description!
LIST03.ZIP 7330 Jun-10-1998 The BBS Lister v0.3 ** An excellent BBS
listing program for the MAXIMUS & MAXIMUS/2
BBS Programs. Done entirely in MECCA so it
will work with version 2.x and 3.x Maximus
BBS's ******* FREEWARE! *******
LLST150D.ZIP 209355 Dec-05-2007 錮袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴錮敲
별 L-List 1.50 DOS Release 낡
별 by Alessandro Trebbi (2:332/901) 낡
볍 L-List is a complete utility for 낢
볏 your file base: edit files.bbs, 남
볏 process TIC files and much other. 남
붜 넴
붜 Direct support for LORA and MAX 넴
LLST150S.ZIP 215737 Dec-05-2007 錮袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴錮敲
별 L-List 1.50 OS/2 Release 낡
별 by Alessandro Trebbi (2:332/901) 낡
볍 L-List is a complete utility for 낢
볏 your file base: edit files.bbs, 남
볏 process TIC files and much other. 남
붜 넴
붜 Direct support for LORA and MAX 넴
LOG100.ZIP 14122 Jan-06-2008 This utility will trim your Maximus log file for you.
LOGON101.ZIP 19347 May-11-2007 Logon Enhanced v1.01 for Max 3 [DOS/OS2/WIN]
Replaces standard Maximus logon sequence
with something much neater and more user-
friendly - also configures new users. RIP
support disabled, sorry.
LOGP100.ZIP 23616 Aug-23-1996 Logger v1.0, trims your Maximus log file for you
LOTTERY.ZIP 3475 May-11-2007 No description!
LU2MAX35.ZIP 11022 Nov-30-2007 Local UpLoads to Maximus
LUST_103.ZIP 14574 Nov-30-2007 LIST USERS SEEN TODAY
MA'AM250.ZIP 84686 Dec-05-2007 MA'AM's original function was to generate MSGAREA.CTL
files from SQUISH.CFG files.
MAILMAN.ZIP 14474 Dec-05-2007 Mailman for Maximus. Checks for local mail without sitting
through long maximus scan.
MAX02BAW.ZIP 10789 Dec-05-2007 The Back Alley Wall is a Graffiti door for Maximus 2.xx where
your users may write their words of wisdom along with reading
message from other users.........
MAX301C.ZIP 689168 May-11-2007 Maximus 3.01 - common executables.
A flexible BBS package
incorporating RIP support, an
advanced extension language,
hierarchical message and file
areas, a message tracking system
for handling technical support
queries, and more.
MAX301N.ZIP 513119 May-28-2007 Maximus 3.01 - BETA Win32 executables.
A flexible BBS package
incorporating RIP support, an
advanced extension language,
hierarchical message and file
areas, a message tracking system
for handling technical support,
and more.
MAX301N2.ZIP 887156 May-28-2007 Y2K Fixes for Maximus NT
MAX301P.ZIP 838963 May-11-2007 Maximus 3.01 - OS/2 executables.
A flexible BBS package
incorporating RIP support, an
advanced extension language,
hierarchical message and file
areas, a message tracking system
for handling technical support,
and more.
MAX301P2.ZIP 815097 May-11-2007 No description!
MAX301R.ZIP 958613 May-28-2007 Maximus 3.01 - DOS executables.
A flexible BBS package
incorporating RIP support, an
advanced extension language,
hierarchical message and file
areas, a message tracking system
for handling technical support,
and more.
MAX301R2.ZIP 912644 May-28-2007 Y2K Fixes for Maximus DOS
MAX3LIST.ZIP 12029 Oct-31-1995 -=MAX3LIST v1.5=- Max3list is a program
that will pull out your user information
out of your Maximus user.bbs file. *User
Name *Gender *Phone Number *Location
*Total Calls *Birthday Then it puts it
into a very easy to read text file.
Revised version. Very simple to install
and use. FreeWare from NMRG II !!!
MAXDIZ11.ZIP 48891 May-11-2007 MaxDiz v1.1 - Maximus FILE_ID.DIZ Importer
Copyright 1998, 1999 by Insomniac Software
DOS program that works around Maximus to
import description files (ie FILE_ID.DIZ)
from archives in to your FILES.BBS when a
user uploads. Works with batch transfers
& multinode. You can configure all of the
features, such as single line maximus style
comments, and much more. Supports up to 10
different archivers. July 1998 FREEWARE!
MAXFAKEM.ZIP 9275 Dec-05-2007 Max Fake `Em : This is a small
collection of mecca files for
Maximus CBCS! An Entertainment
System for SysOps which provide
some good clean fun :-)
by: Rob Spring
MAXKEY.ZIP 38348 Dec-05-2007 MAXKEY.EXE Rev. 1.3 - Change key Utility
For MAXIMUS BBS systems
MAXKIT25.ZIP 49620 May-11-2007 No description!
MAXPASS1.ZIP 5139 May-14-1997 MaxPass v1.1 Password Program for Maximus.
Protect external programs and .BBS files
from unauthorized users.
MAXPIRE.ZIP 13978 Nov-30-2007 MAXPIRE
A Maximus User Expiration utility
MAXQUOTE.ZIP 58022 Feb-13-2003 No description!
MDOMORE.ZIP 2646 Dec-05-2007 MailDoMore [MEX] - Max v3 - A MEX that
will will stop messages from scrolling
off the screen, and will help limit the
display of useless prompts
MECNEWS.ZIP 10730 May-11-2007 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴
Mecca News by ToMBSToNe
Are you sick of LAME News
Genererators for your Maximus BBS.
This is FREEWARE, no notices within
it telling you to register or who
created it. It is VERY configurable
with colours, plus it allows you
to define your own PAUSE command
at the end of the display file.
(c) 1995 ToMB Productions
MEDP.ZIP 596295 May-11-2007 No description!
MED_.ZIP 593927 May-11-2007 No description!
MEXLST11.ZIP 32616 Dec-05-2007 MEXLST11.ZIP 1-15-96 MEXLIST Ver 1.1
Freeware BBS Lister for Maximus 3.0
written in MEX. Users can browse lists,
enter new BBSs and search for area codes
and BBS names. Sysop configurable. Only
works with Maximus/2 for OS/2
By A.K.A. Software
MFIL130A.ZIP 241719 Sep-03-1995 MaxFile/2 v1.30 - A text based FILES.BBS
manager for OS/2. Written specifically with
the OS/2 sysop in mind. FILE_ID.DIZ import,
archiver and viewer functions, all files
list, nightly maintinance, and much much
MHIS020.ZIP 38633 Mar-21-1997 MaxHistory v0.20b, a callers.bbs stats util. Can
MMAIL23.ZIP 57501 Feb-13-2003 MassMail, Version 2.3 - For
Maximus 3.x. Send a personal
message to each of your users,
or let the users send a messa-
ge to everyone else on the BBS.
MMCHAT_E.ZIP 55452 Sep-16-1997 MaMaChat v1.1 - MEX-Chat for Maximus
MAMACHAT 1.1 (English version) (c) 1997 by Markus Mandalka
Flexible MEX-Chat for Maximus: * Many
different screens which * can be switched while chatting * Free definable
chat-windows * * Free definable colors * * Macros and templates *
* File transfer function * * Useful log function * * Very
easy to install * * ... and much more ... *
-=> MaMaChat is FREEWARE !!! <=- +----------------------------------+
MNET210.ZIP 45897 Feb-13-2003 MNET v2.10 QWK->REP network conversion utility.
Permits any bbs with QWK/REP handling capability
to participate in QWK-based networking with
other boards. Now includes MNETCFG utility to
automate creating program configuration files.
Shareware from Makai Software.
MNEWS102.ZIP 7707 Nov-30-2007 MeGaNeWS 1.02 - (c)Copyright PSiCHoSoFT 1997
Show headlines to your user's the easy way
with MeGaNeWS..
The Flashyest, Funest, ANSIest, to Display
headlines on a MAXIMUS Bbs. This MEX program
will change the way you think of maximus.
Watch out for MORE PSiCHoSoFT MEX's coming
MO110.ZIP 157683 Nov-30-2007 MOVEOLD 1.10 is a new FILES.BBS based
file area manager for RA, SuperBbs, Maximus
and Proboard feat. fullscreen FILES.BBS
editor and powerful macros for file
processing. Supports RA 2.00 gamma.
MOMA100.ZIP 64509 Jun-10-1998 MOnitor Message Areas abbreviated MOMA =-=
Modern electronic bulletin boards typically
have many message areas, sometimes thousands
of them, and the sysop cannot hope to track
which of them get used. MOMA is a tool for
monitoring message areas, generating a report
of how many users access each message area.
MOMA reads Maximus's lastread pointer files
(*.sql or lastread.), compares them with
copies saved from the previous run, and
reports how many lastread pointers have
changed. Generally, the lastread pointer
only changes when a user reads messages, so
MOMAs report gives the sysop a metric on
which areas are getting read, and which
MPM1_28.ZIP 300094 May-28-2007 MaxFile/PM v1.28 - A FILES.BBS manager for
Presentation Manager under OS/2. Drag and
Drop, FILE_ID.DIZ import, archiver and
viewer functions, and much much more!
MaxFile/PM is in a class by itself for
managing FILES.BBS files from your desktop.
All BBS's using FILES.BBS file listings are
MPOST121.ZIP 215210 May-17-2007 MPOST (MsgPost) 1.21 TE - Year 2000 Update
MPOST 1.20 was not Y2K safe!! 1.21 now is.
MPost is a utility for posting text files
as fido messages into Squish or *.MSG
netmail or echomail message areas from the
command line. This version of MPost is
the only currently available version fo
MPost that is fully Y2K ready. As a
goodie, in addition to the OS/2 version,
ports have been added for Windows
(95/NT/NTaxp), DOS (DPMI) and Linux as
well as the full source code. Freeware
based upon MPost 1.10, which is (C) 1996
by Codeland, Australia.
MSC100.ZIP 8859 Feb-13-2003 -=-= Maximus Security Checker v1.00 =-=-
Asks the user to enter their phone number
and/or date of birth and checks these to
see if they are correct. Logs all
information for the sysop to read at
his/her leisure. Simple to set up and
easy to configure by changing the
control file included!
- different phone number formats
- different date formats
- can be made to run randomly
- allow certain access levels to
skip security checks!
Version Date: 25/12/97
Comments/Suggestions/Queries to
- mc.etheridge@student.qut.edu.au
MSGED-10.ZIP 137769 May-11-2007 Message Edit, a BBS door that edits mesages
Very user friendly and freeware!
v1.0 public beta.
Another MegaSoft Development Release.
MTD103.ZIP 387745 Dec-04-2007 MaxTools v1.03:(MS-DOS version) 17 utilities
for Maximus BBS! Send canned messages to new
users or access level changes such as expired
accounts or, congrats on passing the call
back verifier!, Generate all files lists,
Command line hurl option, shorten Max.log by
# of days, Bulletin Door, Ansi welcome screen
displayer, rewrite files.bbs with only files
that exist, remove dates from files.bbs, add
dates to files.bbs, CD support and much much
MUEP101.ZIP 136090 May-11-2007 MUE(p) v1.01wb: External user editor for
Maximus v3.0x. Freeware
MXED102F.ZIP 160533 May-16-2007 No description!
MXXED102.ZIP 155448 May-11-2007 MxXED/2 1.02 - THE "Drop in" online and offline message editor for Maximus.
Look and feel like GoldEd, but also for online users. (Needs free demo key to
test full functionality.)
NEWORD15.ZIP 29827 Jun-05-2007 NEWORDER V1.5, for Maximus & Maximus/2 v3.xx ONLY. This small utility is a
time saver for renumbering your MsgArea.ctl or FileArea.ctl files. New
features is: Now works with File and Message Divisions. A FREEWARE brought
to you by: Serge Forget (Fidonet 1:243/68).
NG034.ZIP 90107 Jun-05-2007 nGate allows you two-way posting between an nntp news server and a Squish or
*.MSG message base. Freeware for OS/2.
NMFW206.ZIP 217080 Feb-10-1997 NmFwd 2.06 OS/2
Netmail Multi Robot to be used with
Maximus 3.xx and Squish (tm).
Netmail forward to the Sysop's point,
Maximus user and file management via
netmail messages, areafix for squish,
point routing to their boss if no
phone number for them in the nodelist,
NXNOTE1.ZIP 7817 May-11-2007 Note to Next Caller for Max 3.01
\ Note to Next Caller MEX /
/ for Maximus 3.01 \
/ Features include LORD \
\ colour tokens while /
/ writing and generally a \
\ great user interface /
\ The best freeware this /
/ side of the equator \
PDL_MAX1.ZIP 14829 Feb-13-2003 PDL_MAX v1.01. Private Download Program
for Maximus. Any file on your system!!
You just enter USER, and FILE to send.
Optional message, delete-after-download.
PFT_MAX1.ZIP 16299 Feb-13-2003 Private File Transfer v1.1 (Maximus).
Allows a user to leave a private file
for another user. Also sends a `Private
File waiting' message in Squish message
base. Requires DSZ, MSGPOST and DOS 6.
PROFM301.ZIP 347944 May-11-2007 ProFAM v3.00 - Professional File Area Manager
for RA 1.11/2.00, Maximus 2.x, PCBoard 14/15
and ProBoard 1.21. Description Editor, File
Area setup, Sorting, Listing and much, much
more! All in one easy-to-use program!
PROTOCOL.ZIP 55948 May-11-2007 No description!
QBULLM30.ZIP 145289 Jul-02-1997 Quick Bull 3.00 Maximus Version by
INsOmNiAc sOFtwArE
A Brand New way to generate bulletins
for your Max BBS at lightning speeds!
Many options, very configurable.
Many great new features, like bulletin
manager, LORD color codes, and much
much more! Registration only $10
QUICKEY1.ZIP 4366 Aug-11-2007 QuicKey is an interface to make
basic commands available to SysOps quickly,
RANMAX11.ZIP 17741 May-11-2007 RANMAX v1.0 is a Maximus utility
that simply generates a designated
*.bbs file that will in turn diplay
a designated list of files at random
selecting a random file to display
each time. The sole purpose is to
add mor flixibility to your superior
Maximus BBS.
REG110.ZIP 14143 Dec-05-2007 REGISTER v1.10 - This MEX program produces
produces an interactive logon questionairre
for new users to Maximus BBS system. The
users name, password, alias and location
fields will be filled in by MAX. Other
options still requiring user configuration
are filled in by this program. Birth Date,
Gender, and both voice and data telephone
numbers are requested and added to USER.BBS.
For MAXIMUS 3.x, does not support v 2.x.
REVUP10.ZIP 32352 Nov-19-1996 REView UPload v1.0 for Maximus v3.x.
Searches upload log, extracts user
name, date/time of upload, file
name/size. Sends canned or custom
messages to uploader. Lists all ULs
by the same user. Edit User, Edit
Upload Log, Locate/Contents/Kill
file. Runs locally and from REMOTE.
RSLOGON1.ZIP 19773 Jun-05-2007 RsLOGON! For Maximus v3.00+
Has tons of uses! Run a 2nd
BBS system as a door from your
1st Maximus BBS system! You can
test out other software without
your users knowing or you getting
in their way! You can also fake
out your users with it and make
them think your BBS telnet's to
a remote system, and it's really
on your computer! (Freeware - By:
Paul Earles)
SCREAM20.ZIP 26107 Dec-05-2007 Scream is just a program made in Maximus MECCA command
Compiler tokens, which allows the USER to pick a song to
Play to the SysOp in order to get his attention. The user
Has over 100 songs to choose from, and you can always add
more if you understand MECCA.
SEMS101.ZIP 49046 Dec-05-2007 The purpose of SEMS is to produce a text file output of selected
echomail message areas.
SQ2HT002.ZIP 149586 Jun-09-2007 Convert Squish Message Bases to HTML and post
on the internet or your company's intranet.
Source released into the Public Domain.
SQCGI20A.ZIP 119260 Aug-11-2007 This programm (CGI) allow connect
you to fidonet echoconference over
WWW. OS/2 version. Squish only.
SQED115.ZIP 1190035 May-11-2007 Sqed/32 v1.15 15/12/99
Sqed/32 is a Y2K ready FidoNet compatible msg
reader/editor for OS/2 3.x/4.x PM.
Supports Fido *.MSG and Squish formats,
User configurable toolbar, Drag&Drop,
quote highlighting, external message
tools (like spellcheckers, PGP, etc.),
external file area tools, CHRS kludge
Version7 nodelist, pipe control,
REXX support, Reminder and many more.
Onlinehelp (german only) included
WARP 4 users: type: view sqed.hlp
all other: sqed -> F1 -> Optionen -> Inhalt
Fixlist: names in echotoss where NOT casesensitive
very big area hangs the system or sqed32
Y2K Ready
STAREA12.ZIP 19417 May-11-2007 StarArea V1.2
Another Quality MEX Tool From:
StarLab Systems SoftWare
LightBar Area Selector For Use
With Maximus V3.xx BBS Systems
Now Includes Home/End Commands
As Well As A KeyWord Area
Search Option. BugFixes....
Try StarArea today!
STBAR24.ZIP 35361 May-11-2007 StarBar V2.4
From StarLab Systems Software
Replacement for File_Titles
in your Maximus V3.x file
-Can be used on multi-language
-Uses a lightbar method of
listing files for single key
-Allows archive snooping of
TXT, DOC, PRN, and any
instance of READ.ME files
-Sysops can use DL function
to copy files to specified
-FileFind problems experienced
by OS/2 users should now work
-V2.4 fixes a few bugs from
earlier versions
Try StarBar TODAY!
STDN100.ZIP 3162 May-11-2007 StarDown V1.00 - DL Command Replacement
From StarLab Systems Software
DOWNLOAD_FILES command replacement for
MAX V3.00+ Systems. Allows Local users
(Sysops) to copy tagged files to a
desired directory using the DOWNLOAD
command. Allows usage of /q (quit) and
/e (edit tagged files) sub-commands.
STLIST11.ZIP 37493 May-11-2007 StarList V1.1
Another Quality MEX Tool From:
StarLab Systems SoftWare
StarList allows users to build
their own Available File List
on-the-fly for only the areas
selected by them.
Creates listings which include
appoximate DL times for each
file listed based on current
baud and protocol.
Works on systems using File
divisions or no divisions.
Usable as:
- Entries in File Areas
- In the OLR menu to include
the file list in QWK mail
- As a midnight maint utility
via "automated logons" or
keyboard jamming.
- Includes a datafile purge
StarList will not choke on
file descriptions containing
no spaces (like most other
file listers)
Try StarList today!
STRAK11.ZIP 10948 Jun-05-2007 StarTrak V1.10 Door Activity Tracker
From StarLab Systems SoftWare
MEX program for MAX V3.00+ which
tracks the activity of the doors and
other menu options on your BBS. Easy
to use and SetUp. A must for the
statistics nut!
Now fixed for OS/2
STWHO10.ZIP 7025 May-11-2007 StarWho V1.0
From StarLab Systems
Replacement for Who_Is_On in
your Maximus V3.x menus.
-Enhances node activity when
users select "Who Is On"
-Show as much or as little
activity as you want.
-Doubles as enhanced activity
logger to your BBS log files.
-Shows node activity even when
MAX is not running (IE: Mailer
is Waiting For A Caller)
SX503M1.ZIP 566746 Aug-21-1994 Silver Xpress QWK and OPX Mail Door V5.03
from Santronics Software for Maximus 2.0x.
MARKET. RIP Support, Internet and Fido
Support, Smart Keyword Searching, Flexible
Mail Packing Options, File Requesting, Fax
Services, Forms Services, Much More. Sysops
registering Door, get the powerful Silver
Xpress Reader for $3.00.
A MEX program to permit single-key tag-
ging for download of files for Maximus
v3.0. Includes support for download
counters, free time/byte files.
TFILT020.ZIP 46257 Dec-05-2007 Twitfilt v0.20. A twit message filter
for *.msg and squish message bases. It
allows deletion of messages based on
keywords found in the From, To and
Subject headers, as well as the message
body, and the origin and path lines.
There is a special function for deleting
uuencoded messages. Freeware.
TMA_R1.ZIP 264172 Dec-05-2007 The Maximus Archives
- Release 01 -
Collection of MECCA, MEX, and other
usefull information pertaining to
the Maximus BBS program.
Keywords: AoS RCS MadMex
Author: David Proper ($0)
TMLOTO13.ZIP 23798 Jun-05-2007 TimeLotto V1.3 - written by Mark Taylor
Time Lottery Gambling program,for Maximus.
Easy to use and setup,can be customized.
Written in MEX
TOP_POST.ZIP 3768 Dec-10-1997 A MEX utility for Maximus 3.x and up,
designed to show the top posters for
your BBS system. Configurable (with a
little tweaking) to show top 5, or top
15 posters. Currently set to show top
10. The program is alias-sensitive, for
alias-based systems.
TORDO099.ZIP 14316 May-11-2007 _Tordo_! The revolutionary
File and Message area Changer
for Maximus 3.xx!! Tree-like
area listing, with lightbars for
area selections!! Works Great!!
MailWare! by Andrea Brancatelli
(2:335/354 - Rage BBS)
TPPATCH.ZIP 9691 May-11-2007 No description!
TUSER002.ZIP 14121 Sep-25-2007 tuser - Maximus/2 User statistics
Top Callers, Top Downloads, Top
UED300.ZIP 149783 May-11-2007 No description!
UED3012K.ZIP 103450 May-11-2007 No description!
UED301SR.ZIP 135781 May-11-2007 No description!
ULNAME10.ZIP 7776 Jun-05-2007 ULName for Maximus v1.0 Freeware
Add uploaders name to FILES.BBS
UNFO111.ZIP 9748 Jun-05-2007 UNFO - Maximus 3.01 User Questionaire (MEX)
UNFO asks the user an unlimited number of
sysop-defined questions, and will record
them for you to review later. Great for
getting addresses, other aliases, or anything
you want to know that maximus doesn't supply!
FREEWARE by Greg MacLellan, CHAOSoft
UNP411.ZIP 35572 May-11-2007 UNP V4.11 Executable file expander
Uncompresses files compressed with
other file compression utilities. UNP
also allows you to convert files from
COM to EXE and vice versa, optimize EXE
headers, remove overlay data from EXE
files and more.
USEAGE.ZIP 4463 Dec-10-1997 A MEX utility for Maximus 3.x and up,
designed with the sysop in mind.
Provides detailed breakdown of system
usage on a node-by-node basis, with
number of calls, average length of calls,
average posts, total number of posts,
percentage of daily use, and more.
VALMSG19.ZIP 36029 Dec-04-2007 Creates validation messages for questionnaire
VIEWRAR.ZIP 5599 Aug-19-1995 ViewRar.Mex permits Maximus 3.0
users to list the contents of a
'RAR' style archive.
VK_299B.ZIP 66467 Dec-04-2007 VKill v2.99a; Pre-3.0 Alpha Release of the
VKill Maximus Upload Integrity Tester System.
Much has changed with VKill since v2.0, and
it was definitely worth the wait! For use
with Scott Dudley's Maximus CBCS v2.0x.
WANT4MAX.ZIP 6200 Dec-04-2007 WANT4MAX v1.04; Wanted List For Maximus BBS A
bulletin board where callers can leave the
names of files they are looking for. Callers
can upload files and send messages to each
other regarding the upload.
WATMARK1.ZIP 4126 May-30-1997 Watermark v1.0 for Maximus. Stores
the current message number as you
enter a message area, and returns
to that message on demand.
XL-214-1.ZIP 11042 Dec-04-2007 Patch for XLIST214.LZH for Maximus and others
XMAS1995.ZIP 107334 Dec-31-1995 Colorized ENGLISH.MAD / Basic User Info
lister, in one archive. For Maximus
3.xx. Colours.lh file included to place in
your \max\lang directory.
XYZ2_101.ZIP 51141 May-11-2007 A FreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol
driver from the author of The Blue Wave
Offline Mail System. CEXYZ/2 is a 32
bit OS/2 text mode application.
Protocols include Zmodem, 8K Zmodem
(ZedZap), Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Ymodem-1K,
Xmodem CRC and Xmodem-Checksum. Includes
sample files for installation into
Maximus BBS's. Can be installed into ANY
BBS or terminal program that is able to
utilize external protocols. Fully
windowed/graphical interface.

157 Files, 18880 Kilobytes In Maximus BBS