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File Area (00018) : Watergate BBS Tosser

AGEKILR.ZIP 6851 Aug-19-2007 AgeKiller v1.00
Written by Ramon van der Winkel
Public Domain
This program can be used to keep auto-
matic backup directories within propor-
tions. You specify the maximum number of
days a file should be kept and when it
is overaged, AgeKilr automatically de-
letes it.
BI2WG002.ZIP 13413 Aug-19-2007 Bink2WG v0.02 for OS/2 - 04/14/97 -
This is a quick and dirty REXX program for
Binkley-style systems using WaterGate 0.92p5
or lower as their echomail or secondary
echomail tosser to add files to their
outbound TUNNEL archives from their *.FLO
files which WaterGate does not yet do.
Requires REXXLIB to be in your path.
(c)1997 Stronghold Enterprises
COMPRESS.ZIP 17960 Aug-19-2007 Compress (un)packer
CONFIG.DAT 33 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
DELCUN.ZIP 4804 Aug-19-2007 Removes the "#! [cgz]unbatch." from the
.D file header
DPMI.ZIP 79800 Aug-19-2007 WTRGATED.EXE is the DPMI version
of WaterGate.
EMAIL15.ZIP 65807 Aug-19-2007 EMAIL v1.4
A utility for WaterGate
calculates the volume of eMail traffic
caused by your ftn downlinks and sends
bills to them, if you wish.
FEEDRQ05.ZIP 3277 Aug-19-2007 Feed Request (v0.5). Rexx script to
handle UUCPREQ.LST made by WaterGate/2
v0.93. This script will make a file
which you can import in an e-mail to
change your uucp-feed. Reed the info
in the file itself before really using
it, because not all ISP handle the
feedrequests in the same way.
GZIP.ZIP 37280 Aug-19-2007 GZip (un)packer
MAXUS_03.ZIP 2776 Aug-19-2007 MaxUsers (v0.3). Rexx script to make
Userlist from Maximus' (v3.0x)
USERS.BBS. This script will read the
Maximus USERS.BBS file and make a
plain ascii file (BBSUSERS.LST) with
all users (names only). This file
(BBSUSERS.LST) can be used with
WaterGate's 'WtrUtil' to make the index
file for the BBS users.
TGUSERS.ZIP 6066 Aug-19-2007 TGUSers is a small program to export the
names of your users from the Telegard
userbase USERS.DAT to a text file, for
usage with the WaterGate BBSUSERS
Public Domain
UNGZN071.ZIP 45608 Aug-19-2007 Un-GZip Newsbatch (v0.71). Rexx script
to Un-GZip newsbatches to use with
WaterGate/2 v0.93.
UPGRADE.ZIP 30240 Aug-19-2007 Upgrade the Watergate config from 0.9x
to current 2.0pre-Releases
WCUSREXP.ZIP 40566 Aug-19-2007 WildCat User Export Utility for
WaterGate v1.00 Copyright (c) 1997, High
Mountain Software Written by Chris
Stone, cstone@hms.com
This program will read your WildCat
ALLUSERS.DAT database and create an im-
port file for WaterGate called
WCUSERS.TXT. This file can then be used
by the WaterGate BBS users import
utility to create BBSUSERS.TDB.
WG093.ZIP 1659050 Aug-27-1997 WaterGate 0.93 beta. (6 July 1997)
Integrated Fidonet tosser and gateway
towards Internet. Shareware ~30$US.
DOS, Overlay, DPMI and OS/2 versions!
Tosses for FidoNet, UUCP, SMTP, BAG and
POP3 formats. Distributes for FidoNet
and UUCP downlinks. Integrated gateway,
areafix, newsfix, sendfile robot,
multi-language support, multi-character
set support, MIME support, mailing list
server, automatic file encoding and
decoding (UU/XX/Base64), MailTunnel
(archives via e-mail) and a lot more!
The best, complete and most user
friendly package to connect your
FidoNet system to Internet e-mail and
Usenet news.
Supports the most widely used message
bases (JAM, Squish, *.MSG and WildCat)
and mailers.
Detailed manual in ASCII and HTML and
context sensitive on-line help.
Easy to set up and excellent support!!
No time locks, No bombs, Not crippled.
WG093P1.ZIP 265222 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P2.ZIP 97137 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P3.ZIP 52728 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P4.ZIP 150982 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P5.ZIP 201031 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P6.ZIP 152892 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P7.ZIP 93711 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P8.ZIP 252912 Aug-19-2007 No description!
WG093P9.ZIP 67133 Aug-19-2007 Patch WaterGate 0.93p8 -> 0.93p9
WG220PR4.ZIP 667371 Aug-19-2007 WaterGate 2.0pre4 beta for OS/2
WG22902.ZIP 1423744 Aug-19-2007 WaterGate/2 v2.90.2, complete package
incl. needed EMX Dlls.
WG290PA1.ZIP 531050 Aug-19-2007 WaterGate v2.90-PreAlpha 1 -- BP7 Version (16 Bit DOS)
On the road to Version 3.00! New version! Get it
while it's hot! :)
WaterGate v2.90-PreAlpha 1 -- BP7 Version (16 Bit DOS)
WG2926L.ZIP 1219978 Aug-19-2007 Watergate 2.93 Pre 2 for Linux
WG2926P.ZIP 666258 Aug-19-2007 Watergate 2.92.6 (WtrConf, util, test
gate) for OS/2. Compiled with VP
and untested.
WG2926W.ZIP 735839 Aug-19-2007 Watergate 2.92.6 (WtrConf, util, test
gate) for Win32. Compiled with VP.
WGKEY.ZIP 2524 Aug-19-2007 WaterGate is now Freeware!
This archive contains a free key.
WTRSDK09.ZIP 14710 Aug-19-2007 WaterGate Software Developers Kit (SDK)
Description of the structure of each of the six databases
Description of the records that are stored in the databases
Explanation of how WaterGate links the areas and users
Example program WG2RA202
XQT2X110.ZIP 12588 Aug-19-2007 This program can transform outgoing
mail- and news-batches queued by Waffle
or WaterGate (or similar programs) with
the general format *.XQT, *.DAT and
*.CMD to incoming mail- and news-batches
with the general format *.X and *.D

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