Tiny's Policy Server       
Policy Server                

What is it?
flash Player 9 (version and above) implements a strict new access
policy for Flash applications (such as chat clients or games) that make Socket
or XMLSocket connections to a remote host. It now requires the presence of a
socket policy file on the server. (This means you need to have control of the
server in order to implement these changes. If you've written a flash app that
makes a connection to a server you don't own, you're out of luck, unless that
server sets up their own socket policy.)

In earlier versions of Flash Player, if the server didn't have a socket policy,
your Flash application could still connect. Now if there's no policy, your
application will not connect.

When the Flash Player tries to make a connection, it checks in two places for
the socket policy:

Port 843. If you are the administrator of a webserver and you have root access,
You can set up an application to listen on this port and return a server-wide
socket policy.

The destination port. If you're running your own xml server, you can configure
it to send the socket policy file.

In short - This is a policy server for Windows32 and OS/2.  It was written so
you could run ftelnet or Flashterm on your website, and allow it to connect to
your BBS machine.  It is a quick program, mainly written so OS/2 sysop's would
have a way to offer flash telnet to their users.

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